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Lida Cubillos

In the summer of 1999 Lida moved from, Florida to Arizona in search of personal and professional growth. Finding out that she could not grow personally or professionally (if she did not follow her heart’s desire) “taking care of the elderly and the disable,” Lida attained the license to open the first care home in Scottsdale – Sunrise Home Facility I, in January 2000. Since then Lida has provided tender loving care to the elderly and the disabled.

In addition, Lida volunteered her time and expertise as a translator during international medical trips to Central America for the Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation. Two years later and because of her expertise in international logistics and leadership skills she was granted the opportunity to co-lead medical trips to Nicaragua and El Salvador. Moreover, Lida was nominated and won the “Woman of the Year” Award (to represent the State of Arizona) by the Arizona Business Women Association (“ABWA”); currently she is President of the ABWA Paradise Express Network and the Vice-President of the ABWA Paradise Chapters.

She defines herself as a giver, an entrepreneur and volunteer by heart. She loves life, value education and believes in giving only the best to others. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her family.

It is her passion and thus gave all of her waking hours to ensure the growth of Sunrise Home Facilities. All the while attending and obtaining from the University of Phoenix, an MBA, specialization in Global Management and Public Administration.